Two-layer wooden floorboard

Structure in two layers of wood

Our multi-layer elements with a two-layer structure are made up, as the name suggests, of two layers: a top layer and a layer of core material that are glued together in the press. We consciously dispense with a wood backing layer with the same fibre direction as the top layer. Advantage: by foregoing a third layer the entire product is thinner and thus has less heat transfer resistance, for example increasing the efficiency of an under-floor heating system.

In order to still ensure the stability of the parquet this type of flooring must always be installed with total glue down.

Top layer in fine wood, core material layer made of spruce or HDF

We also use high quality fine wood for the top layer on our two-layer floorboards Maxi by adler and Elegance by adler. This layer is generally made of sawn veneer with a thickness of 4.2 mm. The core material layer comprises a layer of high quality, solid spruce rod central layer that runs transversely to the fibre direction of the top layer.  

In the reasonably priced products Basic by adler and Objektmehrstab by adler HDF forms the core material layer, which is high quality as it comes from European production. On these products the top layer has a thickness of only 3.5 mm (Basic by adler / Objektmehrstab by adler) or 2.5 mm (Basic by adler LONG).