Three-layer wooden floorboard

Structure in three layers of wood

The wooden floorboards in our high quality product lines Château by adler, Profi by adler and Villa by adler are made using three layers of wood: a top layer, a central layer and a backing layer. All three layers are glued together in a press. This creates high quality, three-layer wooden floorboards for sophisticated construction projects.

The top layer in fine wood

The top layer, so-called wear layer, is always made of a layer of high quality fine wood, which is usually made of sawn veneer with a thickness of 4.2 mm. For some products we reduce the wear layer to a thickness of approx. 3.5 mm and therefore achieve lesser total thickness. We produce the majority of top layer flooring in our own sawmill. Every wear layer is first dried at our own drying facility to the technically correct initial moisture content before it is processed.

The central layer and the backing layer in spruce

The central layer is made of solid spruce rods that run transversely to the fibre direction of the top layer. The backing layer, on the other hand, is made of spruce veneer with the same fibre direction as the top layer. This creates a stable sandwich structure as a basis for the three-layer wooden floorboard. The high quality spruce that we use for this substructure comes from sustainable forestry and is 100% PEFC certified.

There are several reasons why we use only European spruce for this ‘sandwich’: on the one hand spruce is very widespread across Europe and thus its use is sustainable and resource-saving. On the other hand spruce is characteristically easy to glue and has a low specific weight. The resulting low transportation weight leads to lower emissions in comparison, for example, to heavy oak.