Ash from Central Europe

Ash is at home in all Europe’s forests. It will generally be found there individually or in small groups, typical of trees in mixed forests. The Ash will grow to 30 or more than 40 metres high with a diameter of 500 to 800 mm and live for up to 250 years.

Ash timber is characterised by its dynamic strength and elasticity. As a result of these desirable properties, Ash is a popular wood for high quality products such as sports equipment or demanding constructions. Ash is sought after also for the construction of carts and carriages and wagons. Since the Ash is very decorative, it is also an indispensable part of interior design. The Olive Ash in particular has brown heartwood that is often used for the manufacture of furniture.

We use Ash wood to manufacture exquisite parquet floors and Deluxe floorboards. The Ash we use is sourced in Central Europe and will generally be PEFC certified.

The image of the grading of our offered Oak planks can be seen at our  Catalogue

Grading of our Ash Deluxe floorboards

With their green-brownish heartwood, our Ash Deluxe floorboards sport the natural colour of Ash. The typical texture of the Ash wood may exhibit a few smaller to medium sized knots that may in part be solidly grown or repaired.