Correct care for your oiled parquet

Traditionally oxidatively oiled, but ready for immediate use

Our current care instructions

With the appropriate care, you can maintain the natural beauty of your ADLER parquet floor for many years. We are absolutely certain of this!

We have summarised all care tips and instructions for you in the adjacent PDF brochure. You will also find the tips below.

You will see: the maintenance of oxidatively oiled parquet is really very easy!

You should pay attention to a few things so that you can enjoy your oxidatively oiled flooring for many decades:

In the first five to seven days following installation you should only vacuum and sweep the oiled parquet but not mop it with water. The floor needs a little time and oxygen in order to harden completely and develop its final level of sturdiness.

After approximately one week you can mop the floor for the first time. From then on regular, wet cleaning with WOCA wood floor soap can be carried out every one or two weeks.


Do no use cloths or mops made of microfibre. You floor would become rough and susceptible to dirt. Cloths mad of natural fibres such as cotton or wool felt are suitable cloths for your wooden flooring.

Always use WOCA wood floor soap for wet care (white or natural) in the mopping water. Do not wipe over with clear water after this, as this would remove the protective soya and coconut fats again.

Remove standing water on your new floor immediately as this could cause spots because of the mineral content in the water. Over time the oil in the wood pores will harden increasingly and allow the surface to become more durable and dirt-resistant.

Please note that a finish treatment is recommended after installation for use in commercial areas.

You should regenerate heavily worn areas on your parquet flooring approximately once a year. It is time for this kind of regeneration at the latest when you realise that your floor has lost its sheen and has begun to look grey.

The full care instructions are also available to you as a download in our Infotheque.

Regular cleaning – how to proceed:

If you work with white wood floor soap then shake the soap mixture thoroughly before use.

Add just a little WOCA wood floor soap to lukewarm to warm water (dose: 1/16 litre of WOCA wood floor soap to 5 litres of warm water = 1:80 parts) and foam the soap solution with water. Then wipe your floor quite moistly in the direction of the fibres to wash the dirt out of the wood pores. At the same time you are nourishing your wooden floor with caring oils and fats.

With hardwoods like black cherry, maple or walnut mop quite damp but not wet. Open-pored woods like oak and coniferous woods can withstand a wetter mopping technique.

Oak tends to emit its Tannin in the first few weeks after installation. This makes the water in your bucket very darm. We recommand that you clean your oiled Oak parquet with 2 buckets in the first few months. In one bucket you have the warm water with some WOCA soap and in the second bucket you have clean warm water. In this clean water you wash your mop before you take some soapy water again for the cleaning cycle.

Please note that the soap mixture should not be darker than your floor surface as otherwise there is a risk that you will apply the dirt back onto your floor.

We also recommand that you take the WOCA Refresher instead the WOCA soap after every 5 - 6 cleaning cycles.


Finish treatment and re-oiling – how it works:

On more heavily used floors, for example in a commercial environment, we recommend a so-called finish treatment immediately after the parquet has been installed.

If you would like to carry out a finish treatment then it should be in normal room climate conditions. A relative humidity between 40 – 60% and a room temperature between 18 – 22°C are ideal conditions to achieve optimum hardening of the oil within the given time. It is best to carry out the finish treatment in the evening so that the oil can harden overnight.

First remove dust from the floor. Use a broom or a vacuum cleaner. Now the finish treatment or re-oiling with WOCA oil can be carried out.

If you are using white or coloured oil then please shake it thoroughly so that the colour pigments can mix well with the oil.

Soak a clean cloth in WOCA oil and allow the oil to enter the floor. To do this, apply the oil in a thin layer in the direction of the floorboards. Please ensure that no oil film remains on the floorboard.

Now work the oil into the floor using a rotary disc machine and a white cotton pad.

After a short drying period polish the floor again with a cotton pad in order to achieve an even surface and soak up any excess oil.

Please remove the rotary disc machine from the freshly oiled floor surface immediately. This avoids excess oil drying under the heavy machine.

The freshly re-oiled floor surface should be allowed to rest for at least 10 hours without walking on it. After ten hours you can walk on the parquet again and use the room as normal.

Avoid wet mopping in the next five to seven days so that the oil can harden fully.

Caution: In order to avoid spontaneous ignition please wash all oil-soaked pads and cloths thoroughly with water after use and allow them to dry separately. Seal all WOCA products carefully after use in order to prevent hardening in the container.

Simple removal of spots

Smaller spots that have not been removed by damp wiping can be treated easily with several drops of concentrated soap solution (mixing ratio 1:10 with water). Apply the soap solution directly to the spot and leave it to act for five minutes. Then wash the concentrated solution out again by wiping over the surrounding surface again with normal soapy water. If the spots remain even after this process then please use the specialist WOCA spot remover.

Regeneration of heavily worn surfaces

Depending on the wear on your parquet you should treat it to a wellness cure approximately once a year. It is the right time for a bit of extra care with WOCA care oil at the latest when your parquet seems to be matt and dry. The process is the same as for the finish treatment.

First clean and degrease the floor thoroughly with WOCA intensive cleaner (dose 1:20 parts of water), and wipe it over again with clear water until the water is no longer dirty. Then please allow the floor to dry for 24 hours.

Now you can work in the WOCA care oil or still better the WOCA master oil. To do this, proceed as for the finish treatment that is described above: first apply the oil in a thin layer and then work it in with a cotton pad and polish the floor.

After the treatment you should not walk on the floor for another ten hours and only mop it wet again after five to seven days.

Caution: In order to avoid spontaneous ignition please wash all oil-soaked pads and cloths thoroughly with water after use and allow them to dry separately. Seal all WOCA products carefully after use in order to prevent hardening in the container.