Craftsmanship & People

Each parquet plank is unique

Wood is a valuable, individual, recyclable material. Each piece of wood is a unique piece. And that means: it is not really possible to do justice to this extraordinary material with purely industrial processing without human intervention. The team at ADLER PARKETT comprises 55 well-trained and experienced members of staff. Many of them are trained joiners and carpenters and have many decades of experience in processing wood. They are all united in their love for wood and appreciation of this unique, natural raw material.

Craftsmanship and love for wood

There are areas in which a machine – however advanced it may be – cannot hold a candle to manual work with dedication and creativity. Our chateau plank, ‘Château by adler’, for example, goes through a manufacturing process that is more reminiscent of a cottage industry than of industrial production. It begins with a manual cutting of the high quality round timber and extends through to the manual reworking of the top layer lamellas. Craftsmanship is necessary in almost every step of production. The result: individual wooden planks that are characterised by their uniqueness and natural, high quality appeal.

Even more professional skill and raw strength are needed for our hand scrapped oak planks. Each plank is processed by one of our staff members with a scrapping plane in accordance with the individual requirements of the wood structure. This is how we realise personal parquet visions and also unusual requests. So you can see: our parquet is not an off-the-shelf product. At ADLER PARKETT we say: “Each wooden floorboard is unique”.


People and raw material "Wood" - the best combination