Elégance by adler short floorboards in exclusive deciduous woods

Walnut parquet, maple planks and more for your individual life-style

Wood is a living, fascinating, many-faceted material and each piece is unique. Think only of the different shades of brown of the oak, from natural light or dark brown, when the wood has been smoked. Or think of sophisticated walnut, with its lush, warm dark brown or the fiery vibrancy of the red of a black cherry. Each species of wood has its own character and therefore underlines you individual lifestyle.

In our Elégance by adler short planks we process these versatile, noble deciduous hardwoods. The format of this short, two-layer floorboard is 1090x130x10 mm, and the top layer is about 4 mm. The core material consists of high quality, massive spruce strips. Depending on the type of wood we can offer you one grade or two. The planks are not bevelled, but are finished with a sharp, smooth edge. Our natural warm, but yet hard-wearing NATURA+ oil surface adds the final touch to Elégance by adler. Some products are also available varnished.

Short plank Elégance by adler: the various deciduous woods at a glance

Here once more is a brief overview of the colours of the various woods.

The images can only give an impression of the colours and structures of the actual wooden flooring and are not binding, since wood is a natural product and the colours are therefore dependent on the structure and the properties of the wood.

smooth and natural oiled

premium, standard

smooth and varnished

premium, standard

brushed and natural oiled


brushed and swiss oiled


What you should know about Elégance by adler

This product is formaldehyde-free and has general building authority approval. It complies with fire protection class Dfl-S1 and all oak planks comply with the higher classification, Cfl-S1.

Here we have prepared some more useful information for you. You will find all the technical details in the PDF document, the Technical Product Data-sheet, which you can download from our Infotheque.

Herringbone and Chevron Elegance by adler

You can install our Elegance plank also in the very trendy herringbone or Chevron pattern. Of course all the floorboards then will be bevelled on all 4 sides.

For the traditional normal herringbone pattern you have the choice between the standard dimension of our Elegance floorboard which is 1090x130x10 mm or in the half sized floorboard which then is 540x130x10 mm.

If you decide on the Chevron design with the 45° angle, then we produce the dimension 960x130 mm, with the 60° angle you get the dimension of 1010x130 mm. Both of them will then be in a total thickness of 15 mm for a more convenient installation.

Grade Elégance by adler

We offer you most of our types of wood in a very unostentatious Premium grade and a somewhat more knotted Standard grade. Some species of wood may also contain sapwood.

Surface treatment & colour variations Elégance by adler

The oak short plank is also available in our UV-cured acrylic varnish. All the other species are treated with NATURA+ oil.

The surface treatment of the remainder of our products is based on our NATURA+ oil oxidatively oiled surface.

For private use your NATURA+ oiled wooden flooring is ready for you to move in immediately after it has been installed. If the wooden floor is to be subjected to further stress, which is principally the case, when the rooms are used for commercial purposes, we recommend a finishing treatment after installation. More detailed information on this is available under About Parquet / NATURA+.

Wood is a natural product. Differences in the substances in the wood and the wood grain can lead to colour deviations in colour treated surfaces. These differences in colour can also occur between different product batches, as well as within a single product batch. This applies in particular to coloured surfaces, since the smoking, staining, lyes and the application of colour pigments can cause variations in shades because of the structure of the wood. However, this is a mark of authenticity for wood as a natural product.

Installation & underfloor heating system Elégance by adler

This Elégance by adler short plank is constructed in two layers and must be installed with total glue down.

By virtue of this construction and the low overall thickness the thermal resistance of this multi-layer plank is approx. 0.079 - 090 m²k / W (pursuant to EN14342). Therefore it is ideal for installation on a hot water based underfloor heating system.

A maximum temperature of the subfloor of 23°C – 28°C should not be exceeded. Please consult our About Parquet installation instructions for the precise guidelines on installation on underfloor heating systems in the Download field and the information in About Parquet.

Care & indoor climate Elégance by adler

So that you can enjoy your multi-layer parquet for many years, you must give it the appropriate care.

The varnished version must also be properly cared for. You will find hints on care in our current Care Instructions, which can be downloaded from the Infotheque.

You should also ensure that you have a healthy indoor climate, not just for your parquet, which consists of wood, a living natural substance, but also for yourself This means a relative air humidity of approx. 40 – 60% and a pleasant room temperature of 19 – 22°C.

If the air humidity and temperature drop below these reference values, this may cause great harm to your wooden floor.

Certification possibilities Elégance by adler

If you require it, we can also produce your Elegance by adler flooring as a PEFC certified parquet; if there is sufficient FSC® certified wood available, then a FSC® certified parquet is possible.

Even more walnut planks, maple and much more

We also offer you these noble deciduous hardwoods as longer floorboards. With the Profi by adler three-layer plank you can, depending on species of wood, also choose between two different lengths.