Herringbone and Chevron by adler

A classic in many variations

As a classic among the floor patterns, herringbone is a timeless parquet floor that can be combined with any living style. Herringbone parquet is created through the specific arrangement of parquet strips in a pattern reminiscent of the bones of a fish skeleton. The different directions in the herringbone patter reflect light in many different angles, giving this floor its unmistakable character.

If the parquet elements are angled on both sides by a 45 degree or 60 degree angle, this is also known as French herringbone pattern – or chevron, in international parlance. The sides, which are angled, form a continuous gap between the element rows, which looks like a spine.

the 90 degree angle

the 90 degree angle

Herringbone in 90 degree angle - our range of dimensions for you: 1080/1180x240x15 mm / 1080x186x15 mm / 1090x130x10 mm / 540x130x10 mm / 600x100x10 mm

the 45 degree angle

the 45 degree angle

a kind of Chevron in 45 degree angle - our range of dimensions for you: 1060x240x15 mm / 1000x186x15 mm / 960x130x15 mm / 500x100x15 mm

the 60 degree angle

the 60 degree angle

a kind of Chevron in 60 degree angle - our range of dimensions for you: 1120x240x15 mm / 1030x186x15 mm / 1010x130x15 mm / 540x100x15 mm

Adler offers an extensive product range

ADLER PARKETT's wide product rang of planks  with its various wood species and high-quality colours and surfaces offers a large number of different possibilities. An impression of the multitude of different dimensions depending on the type can be found in the picture above.

Our experienced production team will then process these planks into the most diverse herringbone and chevron formats and designs on request, so that you receive your perfect herringbone parquet from ADLER.

Please note that our 2-layer products in the 60° and 45° angles are no longer manufactured with a thickness of 10 mm, but with a total thickness of 15 mm. This ensures a better installation of this very high-quality and exclusive parquet floor.

Large format patterns are very much in vogue

How about, for example, large format oak planks in herringbone or chevron? Take a look at our Villa range. Oak planks are available in many high-quality surfaces in widths of 186 mm or 240 mm, and even as a plank in 1180x300x15 mm, if required.

Herringbone format 1080x186x15 mm Villa by adler in Oak premium

Reference Stubbs Road - Hong Kong

Herringbone format 1080x186x15 mm Villa by adler in Oak PARIS

Reference Galerie Perrotin - Shanghai / China

Herringbone format 1180x300x15 mm special Oak plank

Reference Design Lighting OCCHIO - Munich

Smaller formats are also possible

We have ourElegance by adler 600 - a very pleasing plank size of 600x100x10 mm - in our range as a standard plank in herringbone design, if you want it with a 45 degree angle then in 500x100 mm, in this case with a construction height of 15 mm.

We can also produce our short plank Elegance by adler for you in herringbone with 1090x130x10 mm or in 540x130x15 mm. Of course, we can also produce a Chevorn if required.

Herringbone format 560x70x10 mm Ambiance by adler smoked Oak K50

Reference Hotel König Ludwig

Herringbone format 600x100x10 mm Elegance by adler 600 in Oak PARIS

Reference old house - Munich

Herringbone format 1090x130x10 mm Elegance by adler Oak standard

Reference Offices - Munich