Floorboards made from American Maple

Canadian Sugar Maple is at home in all of North America. It will grow to heights of 25 to 35 metres. It is used not only for timber but also for the production of sugar sap in the form of Maple syrup.

Sugar maple is also very popular as parquet flooring. “American hard Maple” is characterised by its great hardness and little wear, also by its typical whitish-red colour.

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Grading for Adler Maple floorboards:

Depending on the type of parquet, we can offer Maple floorboards graded “Premium”, “Classic” or “Standard / Economy”.


American Maple Premium floor boards have the typical Maple texture and have very few small knots. The uniformly natural play of colours may contain small inclusions of sugar.


The “Classic” mixed grading will contain some with few knots and some with small to larger knots. Small sugar inclusions are part of the natural colouring and lend this beautiful wood its particular charm.

“Standard / Economy”

This grading also exhibits the typical texture and colouring of American Maple, with sugar inclusions. It will also have small to larger knots, partially also repaired, as well as brownish heartwood components.