Maxi by adler 35 RUSTICO oak plank with rustic charm

Rustic oak plank as two-layer parquet, only 10 mm in total thickness

Full of character and unique - this is the best way to describe our RUSTICO parquet flooring. This look has attracted much admiration and is enjoying increasing popularity. Since the conditions at a given site often allow for only a low construction height, we decided to offer a RUSTICO version in our two-layer product line as well.

The two-layer Maxi by adler 35 RUSTICO oak floorboard has a greater number of knots and cracks, which are brought out and enhanced by treatment with black filler. Another attractive effect is that there may be a proportion of sapwood at the edge of the plank. Together with the bevel on the long side this enhances the typically rustic character of these country house planks.

We can supply the two-layer Villa by adler 35 RUSTICO engineered wooden floorboards with an oak top layer of approx. 3.5mm, in a width of 186 mm and a length of from 1800 to 2000 mm. All the planks have a machine wire brushed surface and have been coated in our high quality oxidative, cured oil treatment.

Maxi by adler 35 RUSTICO colour palette

You have the choice of two different colour nuances.

The images can only give an impression of the colours and structures of the actual wooden flooring and are not binding, since wood is a natural product and the colours are therefore dependent on the structure and the properties of the wood.

brushed and natural oiled

brushed and swiss oiled

What you should know about Maxi by Adler 35 RUSTICO

This product is free of additional formaldehyde and also has building authority approval.

Here we have prepared many more data, the formats offered, information on possible surface treatments and on installation, as well as a great deal of other useful information.

You will find exact technical specifications in the PDF document, Technical Product Data-sheets, which we have stored in our Infothek for you.

Grade Maxi by adler 35 RUSTICO

Oak RUSTICO is a very rustic grade in accordance with our factory grade. The knots and cracks are filled in black. This enhances the rustic character. A small proportion of sapwood is possible. It is in the nature of a more rustic grade to give the possibility of peeling and the formation of cracks, which unfortunately cannot be prevented.

Surface treatment & colour variations Maxi by adler 35 RUSTICO

Our surface treatment is based on our NATURA+ oil oxidatively oiled surface treatment on a machine brushed wood structure.

For private use of your wooden flooring it is ready for you to move in immediately after it has been installed. If the wooden floor is to be subjected to further stress, which is principally the case, when the rooms are used for commercial purposes, we recommend a finishing treatment after installation. More detailed information on this is available under About Parquet / NATURA+.

Wood is a natural product. Differences in the substances in the wood and the wood grain can lead to colour deviations in colour treated surfaces. These differences in colour can also occur between different product batches, as well as within a single product batch. This applies in particular to coloured surfaces, since the smoking, staining, lyes and the application of colour pigments can cause variations in shades because of the structure of the wood. However, this is a mark of authenticity for wood as a natural product.

Installation & underfloor heating system Maxi by adler 35 RUSTICO

This Maxi by adler 35 RUSTICO oak plank has a two-layer structure. Therefore this product must be installed only by installation with total glue down on your floor screed.

Its 2-layer structure predestines this rustic multi-layer wooden flooring for installation on a hot water based underfloor heating system. Its thermal resistance is approx. 0.079 - 0.090 m²k / W (pursuant to EN14342). A maximum temperature of the subfloor of 23°C – 28°C should not be exceeded. Please consult our About Parquet installation instructions for the precise guidelines on installation on underfloor heating systems.

Care & indoor climate Maxi by adler 35 RUSTICO

So that you can enjoy your multi-layer parquet for many years, you must give it the appropriate care.

You should also ensure that you have a healthy indoor climate, not just for your parquet, which consists of wood, a living natural substance, but also for yourself. This means a relative air humidity of approx. 40 – 60% and a pleasant room temperature of 19 – 22°C.

If the air humidity and temperature drop below these reference values, this may cause great harm to your wooden floor.

Certification possibilities Maxi by adler 35 RUSTICO

If you require it, we can also produce your two layered rustic Oak floor as a PEFC certified parquet; if there is sufficient FSC® certified wood available, then a FSC® certified parquet is possible.

You like the idea of rustic, but you would like a greater choice of colours

You like the rustic charm of these planks, but would like a greater choice of colours? Then take a look at our Villa by adler 35 RUSTICO three-layer planks, which offer a choice of five different shades.