Multi-layer parquet – what is it?

Two and three-layer floorboards by Adler

According to the European norm EN13489 a multi-layer parquet element comprises ‘a combination of wood and/or wood materials that are glued together’. Each layer is made of wood. Put simply: multi-layer parquet is a solid wood floorboard with a multi-layered structure. Each layer is always glued at a 90° fibre direction to the previous layer. This achieves both higher form stability and less movement in the wood. Contraction and expansion, when the floorboards shrink or expand when humidity levels change, is substantially reduced. There are even more advantages of a multilayered parquetflooring against either solid parquet or laminates or vinyl floors or carpets and tiles.

There are different possibilities how this kind of multi-layer parquet can be structured. At Adler we have two floorboard structures in our range: a two-layer and a three-layer structure. All our floorboards have traditional tongue and groove joints and are supplied with a ready-treated surface. Thus our floorboards are delivered ready for use as soon as they are laid and then just need normal care like any other flooring.