Quality & Technology

Parquet manufacture with consideration for people and nature

We take responsibility: responsibility for the quality of our products, for the health of our clients and staff and for our environment. That is why ADLER repeatedly invests in new technology and the best machines on the market. Our aim is to guarantee that the quality of our products at least remains at the same high level and then to further optimise it. The conscious use of raw materials and energy and the careful use of resources are also close to our heart. And to ensure that we take this further than beautiful words we at ADLER PARKETT are taking concrete action to effectively lower our energy consumption.

Solar installation and our own energy control centre

Our own solar installation on the roof is the first step towards cleaner production: we produce approximately 1 gigawatt of solar power 1 Gigawatt per year on our roofs and we use this to operate our machines. We also use the energy that is created in the course of the production process in various ways: for example our large filter systems clean the exhaust air from the wood processing machines of dusts. This creates heat, which we feed back in the factory halls to heat them.

The waste wood that is created is used in our energy control centre to produce steam power, which is used for our drying system and for our parquet presses. The hall heating is also supported using steam power during the winter months. The residue ash is tested regularly by a neutral body and is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Emissions are far below the values prescribed in law.


With ecologically sensitive technology - no ADLER-Parkett