Teak – the floor for high demands

Teakwood is one of Asia’s natural treasures. This valuable tree is at home in the monsoon forests of India, Burma and Indochina. It has been cultivated there through sustainable forestry over the past 100 years.

Teakwood is particularly long lasting. This means that even widely fluctuating relative humidity will hardly affect its dimensions and shape. Because Teakwood is also resistant to fungi, it is particularly suited for external use and in environments with high humidity. Shipbuilders will, for instance, use Teak for decks and superstructures. Teak is also used for the manufacture of garden furniture and similar constructions in gardening and landscaping.

Teakwood sports a beautiful and decorative colour and texture, lending a stylish ambience to furniture and interiors. Teak is also ideally suited for flooring in the bathroom.

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Grading of our Teak floorboards

Adler Teakwood floorboards have very few knots and exhibit the texture and natural colour so typical for this type of wood.