Villa by adler Exclusive oak planks in a variety of colour nuances

High quality oak single strip planks on a base of engineered wood flooring

For centuries oak has enjoyed great popularity as a wood for flooring. No wonder, for this functional and attractive wood has a lot to offer. Oak is exceptionally sturdy, resistant and durable, and this exclusive wood species has many faces.

Our Villa by adler three-layer engineered wooden floorboard brings out this versatility and individuality. We offer this popular oak plank with a very strong top layer of approx. 4.0 mm in two widths, 186 mm and 240 mm. A bevel is incorporated on the long side of all our Villa by Adler planks, which emphasises even more the typical character of the country house plank.

As regards colours and surface treatment, there are no bounds to the imaginative possibilities. From the natural warm tones of oak through various white, grey, brown and red shades to a rather dark smoked oak shade, our range includes a great number of colour nuances. These can be combined with different surface treatments. Planks are machine wire brushed or planed by hand or with sawn cut stripes and treated with our NATURA+ oil, which gives them a naturally warm, yet hard-wearing surface.

Many of our Villa floorboards are also available as a trendy herringbone or Chevron pattern. You will find further information below.

Our wide color range of Villaplanks in the different kind of gradings

In our wide product range Villa by adler in the different kind of gradings you find a lot of different color shades. Please feel free and brrowse through our current colour palette and select the flooring, which feels right for your home.

Here you have an overview of the colour palette offered. The images are for illustration only and are not binding, since wood is a natural product and the colours are therefore dependent on the structure and the properties of the wood.

What you should know about Villa by adler

Villa by Adler is free of additional formaldehyde and complies with fire protection class Cfl-S1. We also have approval from the building authorities for the whole range.

Here we have prepared many more data, the formats offered, information on possible surface treatments and on installation, as well as a great deal of other useful information. You will find exact product specifications in the PDF document, Technical Product Data-sheets, which we have stored in our Infothek for you.

Herringbone and Chevron Villa by adler

You can install our Oakfloor Villa by adler of the grades "premium" and "standard" also in the very trendy herringbone or Chevron pattern. Depending on the pattern we then produce special dimensions based on our standard dimensions. Of course all the floorboards then will be bevelled on all 4 sides.

For the traditional normal herringbone pattern you have the choice between the dimension 1080x186x15 mm or 1180x240x15 mm. If you wish we also could offer you a very big and wide diemnsion of 1180x300x15 mm.

If you decide on the Chevron design with 45° angle, then you can choose between 1000x186x15 mm or 1060x240x15 mm.

Dimensions and packaging Villa by adler

We offer this Villa by Adler plank in 2 dimensions: 2200x186x15 mm and 2400/2200x240x15 mm. The two versions can be installed with each other.

Villa by Adler is packed in 8-plank boxes.

Grade Villa by adler

In accordance with our factory grade wooden flooring, you have the choice between two grades. The Standard quality is our version with knots, in which closed and filled knots and small cracks are allowed. In the 240 mm width a proportion of sapwood may be present on the edges of the plank.

In the width of 240 mm we also offer to you our grading "economy" in three different treatments. This grading is a more rustic grading in which bigger open knots are plugged in with natural grown knots.

The Premium selection is our quality with very few knots, mostly without.

Surface treatment & colour variations Villa by adler

The base for our surface treatment is our NATURA+ oil oxidatively oiled surface treatment.

For private use your wooden flooring is ready for you to move in immediately it has been installed. If the wooden flooring is to be used in commercial premises, we recommend a finishing treatment after installation. More detailed information on this is available under About Parquet / NATURA+

Wood is a natural product. Differences in the substances in the wood and the wood grain can lead to colour deviations in colour treated surfaces. These differences in colour can also occur between different product batches, as well as within a single product batch. This applies in particular to coloured surfaces, since the smoking, staining, lyes and the application of colour pigments can cause variations in shades because of the structure of the wood. However, this is a mark of authenticity for wood as a natural product.

Installation & underfloor heating system Villa by adler

This product can be installed both in a floating version and by full glue spreading on your floor screed.

We also approve our Villa by Adler country house planks for underfloor heating systems based on hot water. The thermal resistance of this product is approx. 0.125 m²k / W (pursuant to EN14342). If you want to install the Villa by Adler wooden plank on an underfloor heating system, we always recommend installation with total glue down on your floor screed. A maximum temperature of the subfloor of 23°C – 28°C should not be exceeded. Please consult our About Parquet installation instructions for the precise guidelines on installation on underfloor heating systems.

Care & indoor climate Villa by adler

So that you can enjoy your multi-layer parquet for many years, you must give it the appropriate care.

You should also ensure that you have a healthy indoor climate, not just for your parquet, which consists of wood, a living natural substance, but also for yourself. This means a relative air humidity of approx. 40 – 60% and a pleasant room temperature of 19 – 22°C.

If the air humidity and temperature drop below these reference values, this may cause great harm to your wooden floor.

Certification possibilities Villa by adler

If you so wish, we are also delighted to produce your Villa floorboards from 100% PEFC certified wooden flooring. Depending on the wood sources we also might be able to offer a FSC® certified product.

You are looking for a more cost-effective alternative?

Then take a look at our Villa by Adler 35 country house plank. It has a thinner top layer and is therefore priced more cost-effectively.

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