Why Adler?

Natural parquet, traditionally manufactured

ADLER PARKETT is a medium-sized family firm with its headquarters in the beautiful Allgäu region in South Germany close to Munich, which is characterised by handicrafts and tradition. We offer our customers a wide range of cottage industry country house planks in various formats, woods and colours. The natural character of the product and its sustainable production are what makes ADLER PARKETT something special.

Our company history

ADLER PARKETT has been processing wood for more than 90 years now. Our company has experienced a lot during this long period. Everything began in 1927. Immediately following its establishment this then small Allgäu joinery mainly produced cheese boxes for the numerous cheese makers in Allgäu. As it grew the company turned increasingly to wood processing from 1950 onwards and began to make veneers for the furniture industry and to trade globally in veneers. During this phase we learned a lot about the manufacture of parquet and country house planks as a supplier to the parquet industry. From here it was a logical step to begin to carefully but consistently restructure the company when the Adler family purchased the company in 1993. We have been manufacturing under the name of ADLER PARKETT since 1994 and have made a name for ourselves as a specialist for natural and sustainably produced country house planks. The development of a unique, high quality and traditional oil surface in 1995 was another important milestone in our recent company history. Today ADLER PARKETT stands for natural comfort, warmth and a healthy living climate.


Something you can really rely on: our values

Made in Germany:
All our natural wood flooring is manufactured and produced in Germany.

Climate protection:
We are focusing on climate neutrality in 2029

Responsible forestry:
We aim to keep forests healthy for future generations.

Parquet without additional formaldehyde:
Our parquet flooring is free of pollutants and living space poisons – for the good of your health.

Our parquet steals our thunder

Come and visit our showroom and see yourself

On an area of more than 300 square metres you can see our parquet floors and different installation techniques. You are very welcome to see this showroom here at our site in D-87742 Dirlewang / Germany. We look forward to welcoming you.