Tableau by adler: Exclusive panel parquet in many facets

Panel parquet by Adler: The past meets the present

Our Tableau by adler parquet flooring brings a piece of history to life, reviving the splendour of old mansions and castles in a contemporary interior.

We handcraft a total of 5 different panel parquet patterns from of oak, walnut and larch in our production facility in Dirlewang. The parquet panels are multi-layered but contain no plywood. We use only ecologically sound materials to ensure that all our flooring is low-emission and formaldehyde-free. We finish our parquet panels with NATURA+ oxidative oil, so that they contribute to a healthy indoor climate.

Underfloor heating and design options for Adler panel parquet

Our panel parquet is suitable for underfloor heating. Tableau by adler can be easily combined with our Château by adler parquet planks, as the heights are perfectly matched. This gives you even more design options.

Tableau by adler truly is the perfect blend of sustainable wood + ecologically sound materials + craftsmanship with technical perfection MADE IN GERMANY

Your pattern and colour selection in our panel parquet range

Browse through our current product range and select the right flooring for your home.

We have two designs to choose from in the 1020x1020x19 mm plank size, including the traditional antique "panel parquet Versailles pattern" in walnut or oak with different finishes. We offer 3 patterns in the 750x750x19 mm plank size, including larch, walnut and oak.

You can find an overview of the available sample and wood range here. The illustrations are approximate and non-binding, as wood is a natural product and the color scheme depends on the structure and properties of the wood.

brushed and natural oiled

brushed and natural oiled

brushed and swiss oiled

brushed and oiled

natural oiled

brushed and swiss oiled

brushed and natural oiled

natural oiled

brushed, lyed and natural oiled

brushed and natural oiled

brushed, lyed and natural oiled

More information about Tableau by adler

Tableau by adler is multi-layered. Due to our construction without plywood or the like and the use of ecologically sound materials, our parquet is free from formaldehyde and low in pollutants.

We have prepared additional information for you on the available formats, surface treatments, installation and more. You can access that information here. The detailed product description is available in the PDF document "Technical Product Data Sheets", which you can find in our Infothek.

Panel Size Tableau by adler

Depending on the model type, we produce the parquet in different sizes. Types A and B are available in a 1020x1020x19 mm format. Types C, D and E are available in a 750x750x19 mm format.

Surface Treatment & Color variations Tableau by adler

The foundation of our treatment is our NATURA+ oxidative oil surface.

The parquet floor is ready for use immediately after installation in your home. For commercial spaces, we recommend a finish treatment after installation. Further information is available at All about parquet.

The refraction of light on the planks plays an important role because of the different fiber directions within the patterns. This is not to be underestimated.

Wood is a natural product. Depending on the components in the wood and the wood grain, there may be colour deviations in surfaces that have been treated and stained. These differences can occur between different product batches, but also within a product batch. This is especially true for coloured surfaces, as the curing, staining, leaching and application of colour pigments can create different shades because of the structure of the wood. This is, however, a certificate of authenticity for wood as a natural product.

Laying & Underfloor heating Tableau by adler

Due to its big dimensions this product Tableau by adler requires full spread gluing.

We also approve our Tableau by Adler panel parquet for underfloor heating systems based on hot water. The thermal resistance of the multi-layered Deluxe floorboards is ca. 0.16 m²k / W (as per EN14342), thus rendering it suitable for laying on hot water underfloor heating.

Maximum surface temperatures of 26°C should not be exceeded. Please refer to our laying instructions under Downloads and information provided under “All about Parquets” for comprehensive guidelines on laying on underfloor heating.

Care & Ambiant Conditions Tableau by adler

Your high grade and customised panel parquet Tableau by adler will demand special care if you wish to enjoy your floor for years to come.

Always ensure that your ambient room conditions remain healthy to ensure both your own health and that of your parquet floor. Relative humidity of ca. 50 – 60% and room temperatures between 19 and 22°C would be ideal. Your wooden floor may be damaged unless these guideline values are maintained. The danger of drying out exists especially during heating periods, potentially causing shrinkage cracks in the worst case. Normally such cracks will, however, largely close up again as the room climate improves. The glued layers may also experience shrinkage stress in the event of sudden moisture change.

Is it possible to install it with other ADLER parquet boards?

The plank structure of Tableau by adler matches that of our Château by adler planks. This means you can combine both styles, either by incorporating chateau planks as a frieze material, or adding accents to your flooring with parquet panels. There are plenty of possibilities.

Our parquet steals our thunder

Come and visit our showroom and see yourself

On an area of more than 300 square metres you can see our parquet floors and different installation techniques. You are very welcome to see this showroom here at our site in D-87742 Dirlewang / Germany. We look forward to welcoming you.