Profi by Adler: parquet planks in exclusive deciduous woods

Walnut planks or teak parquet and much more

The right floor covering is a wonderful, major piece of furniture. When combined with harmonious interior decoration, it makes a decisive contribution to making you feel particularly safe and secure at home. And, like every piece of furniture, wooden flooring can be made from the greatest possible variety of hardwoods.

Every piece of wood has its own character and can impose its own individual lifestyle. For example, the warm dark brown of a walnut country house floor looks really classic, whereas a floor made from black cherry has more fire in it. The quiet grains and textures of a mid-brown teak floor, on the other hand, produce a feeling of warmth and relaxation. Oak is available in a variety of shades of brown, from its natural light colour to a deep dark brown, when the wood has been smoked. And every shade conjures up a different mood in the room.

We produce all these hardwoods in our three-layer Profi by Adler with a top layer of about 4.0 mm. Depending on the species of wood, we offer one or two different widths: 146 mm and 186 mm. The length goes up to 2200 mm. These planks are manufactured without any bevel, in other words, with a sharp edge and include our natural, warm, but yet hard-wearing NATURA+ oiled surface. Our wood specie teak has a very special position. The dimensions here are somewhat more flexible depending on the supply of raw materials

Profi by Adler: The selection of various deciduous woods at a glance

Once again here is a brief overview of the colours of the various woods.

The images can only give an impression of the colours and structures of the actual wooden flooring and are not binding, since wood is a natural product and the colours are therefore dependent on the structure and the properties of the wood.

What you should know about deciduous wood planks Profi by Adler

Profi by adler is free of additional formaldehyde, has building authority approval and generally and complies with fire protection class Dfl-S1; all oak planks even comply with the higher class Cfl-S1.

Here we have prepared some more useful information for you on our three-layer configured deciduous wood plank. You will find all the technical details in the PDF document, the Technical Product Data-sheet, which you can download from our Infotheque.

Grade Deciduous wood Profi by Adler

We offer you oak in a Standard grade, i.e. with knots, but without sapwood. All other species of wood are available in the mixed Classic grade.

You can find more detailed information on our factory grade in our menu point, About parquet.

Surface treatment & colour variations Deciduous wood Profi by Adler

As a standard feature we produce all our deciduous wood planks in the Profi by Adler NATURA+ oil category on a smoothly polished surface.

Because of the NATURA+ surface your deciduous wood floor is ready to move in immediately after installation. If the wooden floor is to be subjected to further stress, which is principally the case, when the rooms are used for commercial purposes, we recommend a finishing treatment after installation. More detailed information on this is available under About Parquet / NATURA+.

Wood is a natural product. Differences in the substances in the wood and the wood grain can lead to colour deviations in colour treated surfaces. These differences in colour can also occur between different product batches, as well as within a single product batch. This applies in particular to coloured surfaces, since the smoking, staining, lyes and the application of colour pigments can cause variations in shades because of the structure of the wood. However, this is a mark of authenticity for wood as a natural product.

Please keep in mind that the effect of sun on many species of wood has a bleaching effect (e.g. walnut), whereas it darkens other woods, e.g. black cherry and maple.

Installation & underfloor heating system Deciduous wood Profi by Adler

Both floating installation and installation with total glue down is possible.

The thermal resistance of Profi by Adler is approx. 0.125 m²k / W (pursuant to EN14342). This plank is approved for a hot water based underfloor heating system. However, for such an installation it should be glued down over the whole surface. A maximum temperature of the subfloor of 23°C – 28°C should not be exceeded. Please consult our About Parquet installation instructions for the precise guidelines on installation on underfloor heating systems in the Download field or in the information on About Parquet.

Care & indoor climate Deciduous wood Profi by Adler

So that you have a lot of enjoyment of your multi-layer parquet, you must give it the appropriate care.

You should also ensure that you have a healthy indoor climate, not just for your parquet, which consists of wood, a living natural substance, but also for yourself. This means a relative air humidity of approx. 40 – 60% and a pleasant room temperature of 19 – 22°C.

If the air humidity and temperature drop below these reference values, this may cause great harm to you wooden floor.

Certification possibilities Deciduous wood Profi by Adler

If you so wish, we are also delighted to produce your parquet floorboards as a PEFC certified parquet; if there is sufficient FSC® certified wood available, then a FSC® certified parquet is possible.

Deciduous wood planks in other dimensions

We also offer you nearly all these hard deciduous woods a shorter, two-layer and therefore thinner planks. Sounds interesting? Then take a closer look at our Elegance by Adler short plank.